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Children Wash Basin

Children Wash Basin

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Functioning Children, Kids, Wash Basin / Water Sink

- Suitable for children 12 months old and up

- 3 Adjustable heights for your children's height

- Water tank holds 1.5 litres of water

- Tap is battery operated and 3 AA batteries are required (not included)

- A water outlet at the bottom of sink for waste water

- There is a water collection tank included that is of dual use: to either collect the water from the sink or removed to act as a step stool for your little one.


Approximate weight: 3.5kg Dimensions: 51 cm (H) x 53 cm (L) x 32.5 cm (W)

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  • How does the wash basin work?

    👉🏻 Install 3 AA batteries
    👉🏻Ensure that the drain hose is connected to either the waste water collection tank or routed to a floor drain
    👉🏻 Adjust the height of the wash basin to your little one’s height
    👉🏻 Add up to 1.5L of water into the water inlet on the top left
    👉🏻 Lift the handle of the faucet like any regular faucet to turn on the water supply!
    👉🏻 Enjoy the moment!

    Video instructions of how to operate the wash basin 

Product Warranty

  • A 6 months product warranty is provided for manufacturing defects of the Wash Basin and Training Potty.
  • We do not provide warranty for water damaged by user. Cost of the repairs done by us will be paid by the user.
  • Please place the products at a dry area and do not pour/spray water over the wash basin and/or the training potty.